In today’s modern world, beyond a group chat bustling with banter and liking the same old social media posts, the communication between men is limited especially when it comes to personal issues.

Men tend to avoid deep and meaningful conversations like the plague and rarely touch on feelings, seeing such conversations as a sign of weakness and not the “norm”. Away from the stereotypes so many feel the need to follow, there is actually nothing more normal and natural than having feelings and emotions triggered by the rollercoaster of our lives and to not talk about them can be damaging for our mental health.

We will all, at some point in our lives, have moments and circumstances that we will struggle with and when those moments come we need to deal with it but too many men opt to suffer in silence.

The best way of dealing with things that trouble us is to count on the support of others and talking through your problems can make such a huge difference.

of people diagnosed with anxiety and depression are women
of suicides are committed by men

Those statistics are incredibly telling – Men don’t speak out enough when they are struggling and seek the help and support they need with devastating consequences.

How we can help

When experiencing anxiety and depression it can be a confusing and scary time. For men in particular, who are so used to displaying the standard “brave” face, the prospect of opening up to somebody else about feelings you don’t understand yourself is an incredibly daunting one. That’s where the Right Hand Man project comes in. Men can go weeks, months, even years running thoughts through their own mind without voicing them to anyone else and committing to do that to even close friends/family can seem like an enormous leap – your Right Hand Man is here to bridge that gap.

We can all help each other

The idea is to let these issues out of your own mind and in to a support network of like-minded guys that can relate to what you’re experiencing. The feeling as you share your thoughts in to a non-judgemental community and realise that you’re not the only one having these feelings is incredibly beneficial. A lot of men continually suffer in silence or only eventually speak out when they hit rock bottom but the basis of this project is to have a platform to talk through their issues regularly and the benefit of doing so might prevent some from hitting rock bottom at all. We can all be each others Right Hand Man.

The Right Hand Man Club.

We will be setting up weekly meetings in and around Manchester where those willing to can have these discussions with each other face to face. For those who would find that too daunting or for those who aren’t local to Manchester, we have set up The Club which is a free forum where people can discuss their issues and obtain a similar experience to the face-to-face meetings on a digital platform.

We want to make it clear that this is not designed to be a form of professional counselling and should in no way act as an alternative to medicated treatment for those that require it. It is simply a platform for those that want to feel the benefits of talking openly about their thoughts, issues and experiences for their own benefit and for the benefit of others in similar situations. There is no one-size fits all solution for people affected by anxiety and depression but we hope this project will be of some help to those of you wanting to feel supported through tough times.

Help and Support

If you require direct help and support you may find the organisations below worthwhile…

The Samaritans

Phone 116 123

(Free to call 24 hours a day)


Phone 0300 123 3393

(Free to call 9am-6pm Mon-Fri)

Rethink Mental Illness

Phone 0300 5000 927

(Free to call 9:30am-4pm Mon-Fri)

Campaign Against Living Miserably

Phone 0800 58 58 58

(Free to call 5pm-Midnight 365 days a year) Web chat also available

In distress and need help immediately?

Please visit visit your local A&E or call the NHS on 111.
If your life is in imminent danger – if you have seriously harmed yourself or are close to acting on suicidal thoughts PLEASE CALL 999
Call 999

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